The Story of Cinco de Mayo

The Story of Cinco de Mayo

The Story of Cinco de Mayo May 5 Celebration in Mexico Cinco de Mayo is a very misunderstood holiday.  Many people mistake Cinco de Mayo as the Mexican Independence Day.  Mexico actually celebrates its independence from Spanish rule on September 16.  Also, Cinco de Mayo is not really a huge celebration in Mexico.  There are […]

La Historia del Cinco de Mayo

La Historia del Cinco de Mayo

La Historia del Cinco de Mayo El Cinco de Mayo es una fiesta un poco confusa. Mucha gente confunde el Cinco de Mayo con el Día de la Independencia de México. México en realidad celebra su independencia del dominio español el 16 de septiembre. Además, el Cinco de Mayo no es realmente una gran celebración […]

Learn Spanish with Music – Como La Flor by Selena

Como la Flor was one of Selena’s biggest hits.  This song has simple lyrics perfect to start learning Spanish.  In this video, I will break down the lyrics so that you can learn the vocabulary and phrases used in the song.

Que es el Dia de la Tierra?

¿Qué es el Dia de la Tierra?   La Historia del Dia de la Tierra El Día de la Tierra se celebró por primera vez el 22 de abril de 1970. Fue sugerido por el Senador Gaylord Nelson como una forma de crear conciencia sobre importantes problemas del ambiente. El primer Día de la Tierra […]

What is Earth Day About?

What is Earth Day About

What is Earth Day About? The History of Earth Day Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970.  It was suggested by Senator Gaylord Nelson as a way to bring awareness to important environmental issues.  The first Earth Day was considered a day of education and that has continued ever since. Earth Day was […]

15 Popular Selena Songs

April 16th is officially Selena Day here in Texas.  Selena was a beautiful, young, Latin Music artist.  Unfortunately, her life was cut short, but her music lives on.  If you haven’t listened to Selena, here are 15 of her most popular songs in Spanish.  She was beginning to cross over into the English market, but […]

Aprende Ingles con Musica – Don’t Stop Believing por Journey

Esta cancion, Don’t Stop Believing, salio en el año 1981 por el grupo popular Journey.  Es muy reconocido y muchos grupos le han hecho un “cover”.  Salio tambien en el serie Glee.  Usamos la letra de esta cancion para aprender vocbulario en ingles.  

Learn Spanish with Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena

One of the most fun ways to learn a language is through listening to music.  This is one of the techniques that I personally used to learn Spanish.  Selena was a very popular Latin music artist who was just beginning her breakthrough into the US music scene.  Unfortunately, her life was cut short at a […]