Learn Spanish with Music

Learn Spanish with Music – Las Mañanitas

Learing Spanish can be fun when you use songs to learn more.  This is the traditional birthday song used in most Mexican celebrations.  Learn more about the Mexican birthday traditions.

This song is sung by Vicente Fernandez and is one of the more traditional versions.  Learn what people are singing to each other when they celebrate their birthday in Mexico.

Culture Lessons

Birthday Traditions in Mexico

Part of the fun of learning languages is learning about the culture and traditions of other countries.  One of the things that can be different is the way birthdays are celebrated.  This article will discuss the birthday traditions in Mexico.

Birthday Cake

In Mexico, the tradition was to bring a serenade with a mariachi band early in the morning of the birthday.  They would sing the traditional song, Las Mañanitas, to the birthday celebrant.

Now, the serenade may not come early in the morning, but usually, Las Mañanitas is still sung at birthday parties.  Many families have taken on the tradition of having a cake with candles for each year the person has been alive.  However, there is a tradition that is very different.  In Mexico, after singing the traditional song, the birthday boy or girl takes a small bite out of the cake (after blowing out the candles if they are using candles).  Most of the time, this is followed by the family members shoving that person’s face down into the cake!

Another birthday tradition is piñatas.  While piñatas were originally used for Las Posadas in December, many families have taken this tradition for birthdays as well.  This is a fun part of the party when all the children take turns hitting the piñata and diving for candy.

There is also a song that is sung to determine the time you can sing at the piñata. The family usually sings this as the child swings at the piñata and when the verse is over, that child’s turn is done.  Usually, the children take turns from the youngest to the oldest so everyone gets a chance.  The birthday boy or girl will usually go first.

These are some of the more common birthday traditions in Mexico.  What traditions does your family have to celebrate birthdays?


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Language Learning Teacher Resources

Attending an Educational Conference: Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

I just finished attending a virtual educational conference this last week.  There were so many amazing speakers that poured out their knowledge to the attendees.  However, by the end of the week, my brain was swimming!  The best word to describe how I felt was overwhelmed.

Preparing for the Conference

One of my hobbies is working with planners, so before the conference, I used my planner supplies to create a “binder” for the week’s materials.  As I listened to the speakers, I printed their handouts, took my notes, and added them to my binder.

After the Educational Conference

I had spent a lot of extra time at the conference, so I took several days after the conference to catch up on my other work.  Now, I’m ready to dive into digesting what I learned.  I created these conference notes sheets.  They give me space to jot down the main takeaways and then I made a space to put in my action steps.

Conference Notes Handout

After I had these notes done, I put them into my Trello.  Some are on my general to-do list, and some are put into future to-do lists.  There are some of these things that I am not going to be tackling right now, but I may be ready in a couple of months.

If you would like a free copy of my educational conference notes, you can download them here:  Conference Notes

As you can see these were made for the Teachers Pay Teachers Forward 2021 conference, but you can use these for any conference you might be attending.

If you are a bilingual teacher, we have a great educational conference coming up at the end of July.  The Bilingual Educators Virtual Summit will be July 26-30….and guess who is presenting?  I will be offering a presentation on Engaging Your Students with Online Platforms in Your Classroom.  I hope you will join us (and you can use your conference notes for this too!)