Beach Vocabulary in English and Spanish

Learn some vocabulary for the beach and swimming activities in English and Spanish.


4th of July Vocabulary in English and Spanish

Learn some vocabulary for the Fourth of July holiday in both English and Spanish.

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Attending an Educational Conference: Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

I just finished attending a virtual educational conference this last week.  There were so many amazing speakers that poured out their knowledge to the attendees.  However, by the end of the week, my brain was swimming!  The best word to describe how I felt was overwhelmed.

Preparing for the Conference

One of my hobbies is working with planners, so before the conference, I used my planner supplies to create a “binder” for the week’s materials.  As I listened to the speakers, I printed their handouts, took my notes, and added them to my binder.

After the Educational Conference

I had spent a lot of extra time at the conference, so I took several days after the conference to catch up on my other work.  Now, I’m ready to dive into digesting what I learned.  I created these conference notes sheets.  They give me space to jot down the main takeaways and then I made a space to put in my action steps.

Conference Notes Handout

After I had these notes done, I put them into my Trello.  Some are on my general to-do list, and some are put into future to-do lists.  There are some of these things that I am not going to be tackling right now, but I may be ready in a couple of months.

If you would like a free copy of my educational conference notes, you can download them here:  Conference Notes

As you can see these were made for the Teachers Pay Teachers Forward 2021 conference, but you can use these for any conference you might be attending.

If you are a bilingual teacher, we have a great educational conference coming up at the end of July.  The Bilingual Educators Virtual Summit will be July 26-30….and guess who is presenting?  I will be offering a presentation on Engaging Your Students with Online Platforms in Your Classroom.  I hope you will join us (and you can use your conference notes for this too!)

Spanish Lessons

Flavors Using “De” in Spanish

One way that you can describe flavors in Spanish is to use the word “de”.   These work well for ice cream, pizza, popsicles, soup, flavored waters, juice, and more.

If you would like a copy of a FREE exercise to accompany this video, please check out my Teacher’s Pay Teacher store here.

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How to Use Powerpoint Matching Games with Students

This article will help you see how to play the Powerpoint Matching Games in my Teacher’s Pay Teachers Store with your students.  These games are great for either distance learning or in-person classes.  I personally use them in my online classes with my students.

First and most important:  You MUST be in PRESENTATION mode for these to work!  You also must use these in Powerpoint.  The animations will NOT convert to Google Slides or Keynote.

The biggest issue I have found is when my students click off of the boxes (on the background).  That will cause the slide to advance, so you will need to go back to the previous slide (I usually hit the back arrow key).

Here is a video that shows the game on screen.  Let me know if you have any questions, I hope you enjoy using these with your students.


Que Quiere Decir WAP? La censura de Cardi B

Que Quiere Decir WAP? La censura de Cardi B.  Por que mucha gente esta en contra de esta cancion?

Este fin de semana iba pasando un parque donde una familia hispana tenia una fiesta.  Me imagino que fue cumpleanos de uno de los ninos porque tenian una pinata colgada.  Como el dia estaba bonita, tenia la ventana abajo y escuche la musica.  Estaban tocando la cancion WAP de Cardi B y Meghan Thee Stallion.


Confieso que soy una persona muy conservativa.  Cuando primero escuche está cancion en la privacidad de mi casa me moria de la verguenza.  No podia creer las cosas que dicen estas mujeres en está cancion.  Dicho esto…no soy muy fanatica de la censura.  Creo que todos tenemos derecho de consumir el contenido que escogemos.  Pero, como padres tenemos la responsabilidad de revisar el contenido que consumen nuestros hijos.


No voy a entrar en muchos detalles del contenido de está cancion porque realmente es demaisado explicito.  El mismo titulo es un acronimo por las partes femeninas mojadas. Y el coro repetitivo habla de que hay prostitutas en la casa (obviamente en palabras mas vulgares).  Para mi eso basta para saber que está cancion no es apropiada para menores.  Lo de mas de la letra habla de encuentros sexuales muy explicitos y usa muchas vulgaridades para expresarse.  


Si eres adulto y quieres escuchar este tipo de musica….adelante.  Yo creo que todos tenemos derecho a escoger nuestra musica, programas de tele, peliculas, etc.  Sin embargo, tambien con esa libertad tenemos la responsabilidad de monitorear lo que ve nuestros hijos.  


He sido maestra bilingue por muchos anos en la escuela publica.  Y estoy conciente que muchos de los padres de mis estudiantes hablan ingles limitado.  A veces la cancion tiene un ritmo muy bonito y lo escuchan sin saber que dice la letra.  Han llegado estudiantes a la escuela cantando vulgaridades sin saber que estan diciendo.  Les sugiero que busquen un poco de informacion sobre las canciones que escuche sus hijos.  Pueden buscar letra en Google y hacer una traduccion rapida para darse una idea….o si yo puedo ayudar, no duden en mandar un mensaje o dejar un comentario. 


Otra vez, quiero aclarar que no creo mucho en la censura.  Los adultos tenemos el derecho de consumir lo que nos de la gana.  Pero….tenemos la responsabilidad de cuidar a nuestros hijos de contenido que no es apropiado.  Gracias por tomar el tiempo de escucharme y espero que esto les ayuda.  Nuestros hijos son el tesoro mas grande que tenemos y hay que cuidarlos!  


Spanish Lessons Vocabulary

Spanish Cognates – Quick and Easy Vocabulary Boost

Cognates are the words that are very similar in more than one language (in this case we are comparing English and Spanish).  This video gives you over 82 cognates and close cognates that you can learn.  these are a quick and easy way to increase your vocabulary in a new language.  Watch the video and see how many of the words you could guess correctly.

I also have a Google Slides activity with the cognates and a printable version that you can purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  The printable version is perfect for making flashcards or to make a Cognate Word Wall for your classroom.  These resources are great for any age of learner.  Use them for your classroom or homeschool instruction.  If you are learning Spanish on your own, use these with the video to help reinforce your learning.



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10 Ways to Use Would You Rather? in Your Classroom

One of the activities that I have found that always excited my students is the game Would You Rather?  I use this game often in my classes both in-person and online and have created several versions available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  In this article, I will share ten different ways you can use Would You Rather questions in your classroom.  These activities can be adapted for use with elementary students, high school language learners, or even adult students.  This fun activity can be a great attention-grabber for students of all ages.

My Would You Rather activities on Teachers Pay Teachers are available as Google Slides Activities or a printable version which includes poster size and task-card sized questions.  I also have them available in English and Spanish. I have several different bundles available as well.

1. Getting to Know You Activity

This is a great activity to get students talking.  I often use these questions during my first class to get the students laughing and comfortable talking with me and each other.  If it is a brand-new class, I will find some of the silliest, grossest, or craziest questions possible!

2.  Morning Warm-Up

Would You Rather questions are a great way to start the day.  There are several ways that you can accomplish this.  You can project a question and have the students respond on paper or let them discuss it with a partner.  You could have a question listed on chart paper and let students write their response on a sticky note and place it on the chart.

3.  Brain Break or Early Finisher Activity

If the class has finished a strenuous project or piece of learning, this is a great time to pull out a fun would you rather question.  This could also be an option for students who finish their work early.

4.  Compare and Contrast

This game provides a natural conversation that can lead to compare and contrast.  You can record the students’ answers and/or reasoning and even fill in the information on a Venn Diagram.  This is a great way to get them comfortable with using compare and contrast skills in a variety of situations.

5.  Graphing Activity

Make this activity into graphing practice by tallying up the number of votes for each choice and creating a graph.  You can make bar graphs or even pie charts with the data collected.

6.  Persuasive Speech

Use these questions as a starter for a short persuasive speech.  Teach students to give reasons for choosing the answer they did.

7.  Opinion Writing

Besides speaking about their choices, students may also write about their choices.  This is a great activity to get students used to writing and explaining their reasoning behind their choices.


8.  Learning Centers

Print the cards on cardstock and laminate them for a durable learning center.  You could include a writing sheet for students to record their answers or this can be a verbal activity.

9.  Divide the Class

If you need to divide the class for a particular activity and having equal sides is not a major concern, you can use a would you rather question to separate the class.

10.  Conversation Practice in Another Language

This is my personal favorite since I teach bilingual students.  Use the would you rather questions as fun conversation practice with students of any age.  For the students who are just beginning, they can simply choose one of the options.  The more advanced students can explain their choices in the target language.  These are a great time-filler for online ESL teachers if you are struggling to find a conversation started with your students.

You can see what our latest Would You Rather products are by clicking on this link:  My Bilingual Life Would You Rather Products

Learn English with Music

Aprende Ingles con Demons por Imagine Dragons

Aprende ingles puede ser divertido con usar musica popular.  Estudiaremos la letra paso por paso de la cancion Demons por Imagine Dragons.  Hablaremos sobre el vocabulario y los posibles interpretaciones de la letra de esta cancion popular.

Learn Spanish with Music

Learn Spanish with Amor Prohibido by Selena Quintanilla

One of the best ways to learn a language is through music.  In this video, we look at the Spanish used in Selena’s hit song Amor Prohibido.  Learn the vocabulary and Spanish phrases used in this popular song.