What do I need to get started on Poshmark?

One of the great things about Poshmark is that you really have very little startup costs especially if you are starting with clearing clothes out of your personal closet.  The equipment that you need is minimal although there are some things that make your life easier.  In this article, I am going to discuss the things you need to be a successful seller on Poshmark.

Access to Poshmark:  You need to be able to access Poshmark in some way.  While a computer is a good option, honestly, most of the work I do on Poshmark I do from their app either on my phone or my iPad.  You can easily get started selling on Poshmark with just a smartphone.

Camera:  Most smartphones have a built-in camera.  If yours doesn’t then you will definitely need something to take pictures with and a way to get them to Poshmark.

Lighting:  You need to have good lighting for your pictures.  You can use natural lighting and take your pictures outdoors during the day, or you can make your own “daylight” inside.  I do this by using super bright LED lightbulbs (which I use any way to light my VIPKid setup).  I have bought several LED desklamps from Walmart for $5 that I can reposition as needed.

Printer:  You need to be able to print your shipping label when your items sell.  While you could easily do this at a printing place, having your own printer would make this step much easier.

Shipping supplies:  Since clothes are relatively easy to ship, the shipping supplies are minimal.  I always keep scissors and shipping tape on hand, and I get most of my envelopes and boxes for free at the Post Office (they will give you Priority Shipping supplies for free as long as you promise to use them for their intended purpose).  I also purchased some cute poly mailers from Amazon, but this is a personal preference rather than a necessity when starting out.  I also put a notecard in the package to say thank you.  I got a cute little notepad from the Dollar Tree and I just handwrite a simple thank you and add my closet name.

Storage:  You will need someplace to store your inventory.  You can always use a spare closet.  Personally, I buy tubs to store my inventory.

Optional Supplies when you grow a bit

These things are not necessary to get started, but they will definitely be useful as you grow your business.

Steamer – A good steamer will make your clothes look nicer and fresher when you take your pictures.

Clothes Rack – I love my rolling clothes rack because then I can move around.  I like to do some of my inventory processing while watching TV so this gives me mobility.

Hangers –  I bought some pretty velvet-lined hangars that look nice in the pictures.

Pants hangers – If you choose to hang your pants for pictures, you may want to get a photogenic pants hangar.  These are also great for skirts!

Background – You may want a nice background for your pictures.  I personally have a pretty fuzzy rug that looks great.  As you shop for inventory, keep a lookout for items that could work for an interesting background.  I have a great antique piece of sheet music that I plan on using for my jewelry pictures.

Stain removal kit – I have a couple of different methods for stain removal.  You will collect your own materials depending on what kind of items you source.  Just build your own kit of what works for you.  I will also include here a sweater shaver to take care of piling and a lint roller (you can always use shipping tape in a pinch).  These things can help freshen up your items easily.

As you can see, many of these items you will probably already have on hand or they are very easy (and cheap) to get.  This is one of the reasons that it is easy to get started on Poshmark.  If you have any questions or see anything I left out, please comment below or contact me.  I hope to hear from you and…..  Happy Poshing!



Selling Clothes on Poshmark

I have several “side hustles” to help make ends meet since I quit working in the public school system.  Probably the second most profitable side gig is selling clothes on Poshmark.  I started selling on Poshmark as kind of a fluke.  I had some boots that I couldn’t wear anymore but were still in very good condition.  I listed them on Facebook Marketplace and sold a couple of pairs.  I had heard about Poshmark and decided to give it a try.  Within a few days, I had some solid sales and decided to put some more items up.  I kept getting sales and have since decided to grow my Poshmark closet into a business.

Years ago before my son was born, I make a good living selling things I bought at yard sales on Ebay.  (I made a killing on vintage My Little Pony dolls!) I have sold online several different times in my life to help make ends meet, and I have had good success at it.  Poshmark is not very different from what I already knew about Ebay (in fact, I have most of my items listed on Poshmark and Ebay) so I didn’t have a steep learning curve to get started.  However, Poshmark is geared more toward clothing sales although they are adding new categories that are including more than just clothing.  Their shipping process is extremely simple, and the social aspect is fun.

That being said, VIPKid is still my main source of income, but I fully believe in having multiple income streams.  I have tried many different things, and some of them I have decided are not for me while some of them like Poshmark are added into my repertoire of side-hustles.  My goal for this year is to grow my Poshmark Closet into a steady source of income and to share my progress here on my blog.  If you are interested in getting started on Poshmark, keep reading my blog as I will be posting articles that will help you get started.  And, as always, feel free to post a comment or send a message and I will be happy to chat with you.