Cinco de Mayo Listening Comprehension

English Cinco de Mayo Listening Comprehension 

English Cinco de Mayo Listening Comprehension 

Cinco de Mayo Listening Comprehension


This listening comprehension passage features Cinco de Mayo.  I suggest that you watch the video a few times in the language you are wanting to learn.  Take note of the words that you don’t know.  

Watch the Video in English

Watch the Video in Spanish

Next, pull up the transcript of the video.  I suggest you watch the video a few more times following along with the Cinco de Mayo listening comprehension video.  I suggest you print the transcript and take your notes on that page and add it to your language learning notebook.  

Cinco de Mayo Vocabulary

If there are words that are still causing you problems, make sure to first check out the vocabulary videos.

English Cinco de Mayo Vocabulary

Spanish Cinco de Mayo Vocabulary 

If that didn’t help with some of the words, this is a good challenge.  One way you can try to figure it out is to watch the ______ listening comprehension video in your native language using the links above.  Then, if you still can’t figure it out you can look it up.

Cinco de Mayo Activites

Here will be a link to more activities to help you practice the language more in this video.  You might find some vocabulary exercises, comprehension questions, writing exercises, and more.  Check back soon as I am busy creating it!  Please note, some of the activities are paid activities and some are free downloads.  

Link to Activities coming soon

If there are things you still don’t understand, please feel free to write in the comments here or on the video and I will answer as best I can.  Thank you for visiting, and let me know how I can help you become bilingual.

Here is another video that will help you get the most out of our listening comprehension videos.

Watch in English 

Watch in Spanish  

Please click here to see this page in Spanish

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