How much money can I really make on Outschool?

One of the questions that I get asked often is how much can I really make on Outschool?  That is a bit of a difficult question because there are so many variables.  First, you can set your class size and your price.  Outschool recommends $12 per hour class, but I don’t always stick with that.  My classes have been booking so quickly that I have raised the price a bit since I can’t possibly fit all the students in my classes.  Also, I feel that with my higher degree and level of education, the students are still getting a very good value for the price I charge (and it’s still cheaper than most in-person tutoring options).  


Let’s do an example.  If you charge $12 for an hour class and you have 6 students (I find this is a good size for my classes), you will be making $72 an hour.  However, Outschool takes 30% of that for their commission, so they would send you $50.40 for that class.  Not bad for an hour of work.  (Also, remember to save for your taxes at the end of the year!)


Now, looking at some of the variables we can adjust accordingly.  First of all, not all of your classes will fill.  During the COVID epidemic when teachers had not quite figured out what online learning was going to look like, students flocked to Outschool and classes would fill.  Now that things are returning to normal, many of my classes have vacancies.  It does take a while to build a loyal following.  I suggest you start with some one-time classes so students can get to know you and work up to ongoing or multi-day classes.  My best results have been from my ongoing classes.  


In conclusion, determining the exact amount that you can make on Outschool is a bit difficult since there are so many variables involved.  Once you determine your class size and your price, you can get an idea of the potential income of any particular class.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.  Also, I have a video on this topic on YouTube that gets into more specific numbers from over the summer during the COVID boom.  Please check that out and subscribe to my channel to see more content about being bilingual and teaching on Outschool.  


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