May Update

The month of May was very productive.  First off, I finished up the 2018-2019 school year as a first grade bilingual teacher.  I’m not returning to that school in the fall so that includes packing up my classroom completely!  I’m also more than like moving over the summer so I’m working on sorting through a lot of stuff I’ve been piling since moving here…so that is a work in progress.

I met most of my monthly goals!  I wanted to get at least 5 products up on Teachers Pay Teachers and I did even more.  I have 10 products available in my store!  I wanted to get 100 Instagram followers and I did that.  However, I did not meet my goals on Pinterest or Facebook (I decided to spend May working on Instagram).  I did publish one YouTube video which was my goal and 5 blog posts (I passed my goal here too).  I wanted to teach 60 classes at VIPKID and I ended up teaching 82!  I wanted to teach 20 classes at ZebraEnglish, but I was not able to do the demo due to a problem with my Internet connection.  I will try again after I move.  (I will say they are wonderful to deal with and I intend to follow up with them.)  So overall, I met and surpassed most of my goals during May.

I also like to figure out the class breakdowns for the month so I can see which certifications are doing the best for me.  I’m not sure why I had zero trials in May other than my schedule filled pretty quickly.  Here is the breakdown of my booked classes (some may have been cancellations or no shows):

Level 1 – 19 clases

Level 2 – 23 classes

Level 3 – 6 classes

Level 4 – 12 classes

Level 5 – 6 classes

VIPKID Voice – 4 classes

Perfect Pronunciation – 7 classes

Free Talk – 5 classes

This was quite a change from April when I had more Trials and Level 1 students booked.  The balance shifted quite a bit.  Also, my level 2 students went up significantly.  I had only 3 in April and 23 in May.  I added in the “specialty” certifications in May and immediately got bookings.  I also looked at how many “repeat” students I have.  At the moment, I have at least 18 students that I have taught 2 or more classes (or they are booked for a repeat class this next week).  Overall, I’m extremely happy with what I have accomplished in May especially since this is only the second full month working with VIPKID.

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