Tipping in China

For the most part, gratuity is not accepted in China.  Our tour guide explained to us that she had seen Americans leave a tip at the lunch table, and the waiter chased them down the street to give back their money.  It is not culturally acceptable to give a tip for service.  If you had […]

What to Pack for your China trip in Winter

The biggest variable for what to pack is your clothing.  First of all, that is a broad statement.  It is the same as saying “what should I pack to visit America in winter”.  There are many more variables that you must take into consideration.  Our trip visited Beijing, Shanghai, and my son and I took […]

Help Getting your Chinese Visa

In order to travel to China, you must have a Chinese visa.  There are several companies that help you with this process.  Typically, I am comfortable with doing my own paperwork, but we had a slight problem.  In order to get your visa for China, you must have at least 3 months left on your […]

Day 8 – On our own in Shanghai

This was the departure day for most of our group.  My son and I however had added on a few days on this trip to see Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland.  We had reservations this night for Toy Story Hotel at the Disneyland Resort.  We had found a friend who had the same itinerary […]

Day 7 – Tour of Shanghai

This day was a very long, but exciting day.  We visited many of the main sites in Shanghai.  We started the morning by walking along the Bund.  This is where we could take iconic photos of Shanghai.  This area is extremely popular with the tourists, but it is much more busier at night.  It was […]

Day 6 – Free Day and Shanghai VIPKid Meetup

This day was a free day for most of the day until we had our Student Meetup that night.  I will have an article specifically about the Student Meetups.  We were not really given many options or information about this day.  Many of us had chatted about going to Shanghai Disneyland before the trip and […]

Day 5 – Bullet Train from Beijing to Shanghai

This day was less walking than we had done the whole trip.  We took the Bullet Train from Beijing to Shanghai.  Before we left the US, we got a message from the travel agency asking if we would like to upgrade to First Class for $55 each.  We took the upgrade for the extra legroom.  […]