Spanish Lessons Vocabulary

Spanish Cognates – Quick and Easy Vocabulary Boost

Cognates are the words that are very similar in more than one language (in this case we are comparing English and Spanish).  This video gives you over 82 cognates and close cognates that you can learn.  these are a quick and easy way to increase your vocabulary in a new language.  Watch the video and see how many of the words you could guess correctly.

I also have a Google Slides activity with the cognates and a printable version that you can purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  The printable version is perfect for making flashcards or to make a Cognate Word Wall for your classroom.  These resources are great for any age of learner.  Use them for your classroom or homeschool instruction.  If you are learning Spanish on your own, use these with the video to help reinforce your learning.



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