Startup Timeline for VIPKID

I would like to share with you the timeline of how I got started on VIPKID.  I initially put in my application on March 16 and had my initial interview the next day.  On March 21, I had my initial Mock class for levels 2 & 3.  While I was waiting for my background check to complete, I also did the certification for levels 4 & 5 as well as trial classes and Pre-VIPKID (level 1).  My first class was on March 29.

I did not get many bookings for the first couple of weeks.  I had three bookings the first week and two the second week.  I was concerned and a bit disappointed so I spruced up my profile picture, worked on the TESOL Certifications, and took some workshops.  The next week, I had 12 bookings.  I maintained around 15 bookings a week as long as I was teaching school, but when I could open my schedule for the summer I have had around 30 classes scheduled a week.

My April paycheck was over $450 and May’s check was over $900.  June is already $800 and we still have almost half of the month left.

I want to point out a few things I have noticed:

  •  It usually takes a week for changes (new certifications) to take effect in bookings.
  • Feedback numbers are still very low (28 out of 185 classes taught).
  • Very few Student No Shows and cancellations are usually rebooked.
  • Many of my slots are already filled before the “Booking Frenzy” on Sunday nights.

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