The Story of Esther

Story of Esther Listening Comprehension Practice in English and Spanish

The Story of Esther

The Story of Esther


The story of Esther is the basis of the Jewish holiday Purim.  This story is told in the Old Testament of the Bible.  These activities would be great for self-study, homeschool, or a classroom.  Also, these are perfect for dual language, immersion, and bilingual classrooms.  They could be used by high school language classes as well.

Resources in English

Resources in Spanish

Make sure to check out our resources on Purim as well.

Here is another video that will help you get the most out of our listening comprehension videos.

Watch in English 

Watch in Spanish  

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These listening comprehension activities are perfect if you are studying a language by yourself.  Therefore, they are simple for beginning students and provide comprehensible input.  You can also practice reading fluency with the video transcript.  We have suggestions on how you can best use these videos in both English and Spanish.  Also included are activities to increase your vocabulary and comprehension.

We have many resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Be sure to check them out.  For example, we have a series of biographies for Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month.  We also have animal reading comprehension passages and a variety of vocabulary learning activities.  There are also activities available for grammar and word walls.

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