Spanish Rhymes: A Fun Tool for Language Learning

Spanish rhymes

Have you thought about using Spanish rhymes in your classroom?  Learning a new language can be an exciting yet sometimes overwhelming challenge. Fortunately, there are many creative and effective ways to enhance your language skills. One often overlooked tool is Spanish rhymes. These charming word combinations are not only popular in poetry and music but […]

Rimas en Español: Una Herramienta Divertida para Aprender Idiomas

Rimas en espanol

Haz pensado usar las rimas en español en tu clase?  El aprendizaje de un nuevo idioma puede ser un desafío emocionante pero a veces abrumador. Afortunadamente, existen muchas formas creativas y efectivas de mejorar tus habilidades lingüísticas. Una de estas herramientas a menudo pasa desapercibida: las rimas en español. Estas encantadoras combinaciones de palabras no […]

Effective Spanish Language Learning Strategies

Effective Spanish Language Learning Strategies

Learning a new language can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and learning it can open up many opportunities for travel, business, and personal growth. If you’re looking to learn Spanish quickly and effectively, there are several language learning strategies that can help […]

Input Comprensible en el Aprendizaje de Idiomas

Input Comprensible

Input Comprensible en el Aprendizaje de Idiomas Input comprensible es una estrategia de aprendizaje del lenguaje sugerida por Stephen Krashen. El input comprensible utiliza lo que se puede entender en el idioma que se va a aprender. Esto puede ser escrito o hablado. Hay cosas que un maestro puede hacer para que el idioma sea […]

Comprehensible Input for Language Learning

Comprehensible Input

What is Comprehensible Input? Comprehensible Input is a language acquisition strategy suggested by Stephen Krashen.  Comprehensible Input is using what you can understand in the target language both written or spoken. There are things a teacher can do to make the language more understandable to students.  We are going to discuss some of these strategies.   […]

Como Mejor Usar los Videos de Comprensión Auditiva

Como Usar Videos de Comprension Auditiva

Como Usar los Videos de Comprension Auditiva Read this in English Hemos creado un archivo de vídeos para lograr la comprensión auditiva aquí en My Bilingual Life. Me gustaría ofrecerte algunas sugerencias sobre cómo usar estos vídeos para ayudarte a aprender inglés. Cada uno de nuestros vídeos incluirá un enlace a nuestro sitio web donde […]

How To Use Listening Comprehension Videos

Using Listening Comprehension Videos

How to Use Listening Comprehension Videos   Leer esto en español We have created an archive of videos for listening comprehension here at My Bilingual Life.  I would like to offer you some suggestions on how to use these videos to help you learn Spanish.  Each of our videos will include a link to our […]

Attending an Educational Conference: Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

Getting the Most out of attending an educational conference

Get the Most out of Your Educational Conference I just finished attending a virtual educational conference this last week.  There were so many amazing speakers that poured out their knowledge to the attendees.  However, by the end of the week, my brain was swimming!  The best word to describe how I felt was overwhelmed. Preparing […]

Top 15 Best Selena Quintanilla Perez Songs Of All Time

15 Top Songs By Selena

Best Selena Songs!  One of the most beloved Latin musicians of all time, Selena Quintanilla has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Her songs, infused with cumbia and Tejano rhythms, continue to inspire and delight fans all over the world. Here is a curated list of some of her most popular songs in […]

6 Components of Language Learning

Components of Language Learning

Today I wanted to talk to you about the components of language learning.  So many people come up to me and say I want to learn Spanish or I want to learn English and that’s a wonderful goal.  But there’s a lot involved with learning a language.  So I wanted to talk to you today […]