Using our FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. Reading Activity Resource in the Classroom

Martin Luther King, Jr. Reading Activity

Here at My Bilingual Life, we have created a FREE bilingual Martin Luther King, Jr. reading activity that you can use in your classroom.  It is available in both English and Spanish and you can download it completely free in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.  So you may be asking, what’s the catch?  Well, really […]

W. E. B. Du Bois: Unveiling a Legacy in American Classrooms and Exploring Enduring Impact

W. E. B. Du Bois

Should you teach about W. E. B. Du Bois?  While teaching history has many challenges in the current political climate, it is still important that our students get exposed to important historical figures.  Black History Month offers a time to focus on influential African Americans.  We will explore several important historical figures and why we […]

Como Mejor Usar los Videos de Comprensión Auditiva

Como Usar Videos de Comprension Auditiva

Como Usar los Videos de Comprension Auditiva Read this in English Hemos creado un archivo de vídeos para lograr la comprensión auditiva aquí en My Bilingual Life. Me gustaría ofrecerte algunas sugerencias sobre cómo usar estos vídeos para ayudarte a aprender inglés. Cada uno de nuestros vídeos incluirá un enlace a nuestro sitio web donde […]

How To Use Listening Comprehension Videos

Using Listening Comprehension Videos

How to Use Listening Comprehension Videos   Leer esto en español We have created an archive of videos for listening comprehension here at My Bilingual Life.  I would like to offer you some suggestions on how to use these videos to help you learn Spanish.  Each of our videos will include a link to our […]

5 Reasons to Use a Biography in Your Elementary Classroom

5 Reasons to use a Biography in your classromo

Using a biography in your classroom has many great effects.  It can enhance both your language arts and social studies curriculum.  It helps meet the requirements by cutting down time by letting these pieces of writing serve a double purpose.  Explore further why you should include biographies in your elementary classroom. 5 Reasons to Use […]

Vocabulary in Spanish or English – Units for Language Learners

Vocabulary in Spanish or English Units For Language Learning

Vocabulary in Spanish and English Learning vocabulary in Spanish or English  is one of the pillars of language learning.  It is a constant challenge for students to learn and remember new vocabulary in the target language.  I constantly tell my students that they need repeated exposure to the words in order to remember them and […]

Using Reward Stars in Your Classroom

Using Reward Stars in Your Classroom

Using Reward Stars in Your Classroom Online Classroom Rewards Giving star rewards is something that has caught on with online ESL classes and distance learning.  There are multiple ways of using these reward stars in your classroom.  I’m going to give you several tips and tricks for using our reward stars.  I have seen these […]

Riddles in the Classroom: Tips and Tricks

Riddles for Classroom

This post gives some suggestions on how to use riddles in the classroom.  Riddles are great for language learning as they offer a fun way to review vocabulary and expand on sentence structure.  These are great review for dual-language students and can hold students’ attention. Riddles for Classroom I have several riddles products available for […]

The Beach Vocabulary in English and Spanish

The Beach Vocabulary in English and Spanish

There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach, whether you’re lounging in the sun, taking a dip in the ocean, or playing beach games with friends and family. To fully immerse yourself in the beach experience, it helps to know the right vocabulary in English and Spanish. Beach Vocabulary in English and Spanish In […]