Using Reward Stars in Your Classroom

Using Reward Stars in Your Classroom

Using Reward Stars in Your Classroom Online Classroom Rewards Giving star rewards is something that has caught on with online ESL classes and distance learning.  There are multiple ways of using these reward stars in your classroom.  I’m going to give you several tips and tricks for using our reward stars.  I have seen these […]

Año Nuevo Chino

Durante los últimos años, he estado enseñando a estudiantes en China a hablar inglés. Como resultado, he aprendido más sobre su cultura. Una de las celebraciones más importantes es el Año Nuevo. A veces lo llamamos el Año Nuevo chino, pero el Año Nuevo Lunar es más exacto ya que se celebra en más lugares […]

Chinese New Year

For the last few years, I have been teaching students in China to speak English.  As a result, I have learned more about their culture.  One of the most important celebrations is the New Year.  We often call it the Chinese New Year, but the Lunar New Year is more accurate as it is celebrated […]

What is Chinese New Year?

After teaching Chinese students for almost two years, I have learned a little bit about their culture.  Chinese New Year (also called Lunar New Year or Spring Festival) is a major part of their traditions.  This celebration lasts a whole 15 days and is one of the few times that most Chinese people get a […]

Transition from VIPKid to Outschool

I’ve noticed a lot of my VIPKid friends are starting to do Outschool which is very exciting for me. I love that you don’t have to choose one or the other.  You can do both at the same time.  Let me give you some reasons why you might want to think about Outschool.   The number […]

Extra Budget Items for VIPKid Field Trip

While the tour price of the VIPKid is actually quite reasonable, it is only a portion of the budget you need for this trip.  First, you must book your own flights.  Also, my son and I added a few days in Shanghai as well as a quick jaunt to Hong Kong so that I could […]

Spending Money in China

One of the questions I have been asked several times is how did I pay for things in China?  For the most part, I paid in cash.  This meant I had to order Chinese currency at my bank.  If you are going to order currency, you will more than likely need to give your bank […]

Should I use WeChat?

WeChat is an app available for your phone that is more or less a Chinese government allowed combination of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, and Whatsapp all rolled up in one.  You can message people as well as call or video chat with them. This is the one service that we found words very well […]

Traveling in a Group

The VIPKid Field Trip was basically a group tour with some VIPKid activities mixed in.  The travel agency we used was great and our tour guide was amazing.  However, if you have never traveled in a group tour setting, there are some things that you may need to consider.  I do recommend that the first […]

The Realities of Jet Lag

I had always heard of jet lag and had experienced it when I traveled to Europe, but the jet lag I experienced on this trip to China was extreme.  I’m not sure if this had to do with my age, the shorter travel stay while I was away, or the different direction I was flying, […]